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Determining the true economic damages in a dispute is rarely a simple process. With many different factors at play, it can be extremely perplexing and time consuming to accurately quantify the amount in question. At Procor, we specialize in providing clarity out of even the most complicated and complex scenarios.

In any legal matter or dispute where there is a need to identify and quantify financial damages, we closely scrutinize the financial impact of the triggering event,  including the assumptions and methodologies used as well as the underlying evidence and supporting documentation. Our team then takes that financial review and provides a clear narrative, in context, to explain fully and completely how the damages relate to the event. We work closely with attorneys as their trusted financial experts during all phases of litigation to produce a work product that withstands the most rigorous scrutiny.


In our world, numbers alone don’t tell the story – we do.


Our firm has vast experience measuring economic loss and impact resulting from a wide variety of events. Procor President, Arnie Mascali is an attorney licensed to practice law in New York and New Jersey, and has handled numerous litigated matters over the course of his 30 year career. However, for the better part of the last 18 years he has served as a consultant on some of the largest and most complex insurance and litigation claims involving areas of financial loss and damage. Mr. Mascali is the Past Chair of the American Bar Association’s Self Insured & Risk Managers committee, of the Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section, and a is a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation.

Procor experts are skilled economic and accounting analysts. Currently our litigation support team is working with firms such as: Anderson Kill; McCarter & English; Reed Smith; Saxe Durenberger; and, Covington & Burling, among others. Our team is comprised of a broad spectrum of experts from various disciplines, including law, accounting, and finance. Our combination of thought leadership and deep understanding of the litigation process ensures our clients (attorneys and their clients) receive a thorough, complete, accurate, and perhaps most importantly, presentable evaluation of financial loss. We pride ourselves at effectively telling the whole “story” – that is, framing the context of the event, and explaining and documenting in detail whether that event had a financial impact on the parties at bar. Arnie Mascali has the experience of questioning and cross-examining witnesses, and therefore works with his team on the best way to explain some very difficult or obtuse concepts.


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Procor Experts:

•  Identify the appropriate documentation and requests for information during discovery

•  Provide expert opinions and reports, and rebuttals to opposing party reports

•  Serve as consulting and/or expert witness

With our services, our clients are better prepared to:

•  Assess the potential magnitude of damages early on to assist with litigation strategy

•  Strategize as to the optimal financial remedy where different options exist

•  Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each party’s financial positions

•  Have greater confidence in the financial amounts involved in each dispute

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