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Following an area-wide disaster, many quasi public/private organizations are eligible to collect from FEMA uninsured loss costs. When these losses occur and multiple disaster funding sources are available, the cost identification and claim submission process becomes more complex with each source requiring unique and specific documentation submissions in order to prove a loss and then ultimately release funding.

A large financial loss where there are available funds to support a recovery via insurance and FEMA requires a comprehensive claim strategy, timeline and most importantly, details to effectuate a positive and quickly settled claim. Without a dedicated team leading the documentation and presentation effort in a collective manner and with knowledge of both insurance and FEMA, a recovery effort will likely encounter material differences in scope, pricing and expectations the insurer and/or FEMA representatives.

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Our team includes expertise in the forensic accounting, legal, insurance and criminal justice fields, including staff that maintain the Certified Fraud Examiner designation (CFE) from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners  - a professional organization of fraud examiners.

We have a history of successfully representing our clients in some of the most complex financial crimes and thefts both from a traditional method as well as the recent increase in cyber related crimes.

We work closely with clients, attorneys, and law enforcement during all phases of the crime adjudication and to produce a final work product that includes a clear presentation of the financial loss along with a detailed narrative describing the perpetrator(s) approach in the event.

  • Procor engaged by one of the largest NYC public entities that experienced a major loss resulting from Hurricane Sandy. Procor team supported the insurance claim preparation package of over $400 Million and support the overall FEMA claim and grants management aspects of the $3 Billion in overall economic damages.
  • Procor was engaged by five large public hospitals that sustained damage during Super Storm Sandy and helped support their insurance claim preparation package of over $200 Million.




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