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Following a declared emergency or major disaster, public entities and some private non-profit organizations may be eligible for FEMA assistance through the Public Assistance (PA) Program. The PA program is designed to offer assistance to eligible entities but is not designed to make an entity “whole”. FEMA assistance is subject to a cost share and is the payer of last resort. Therefore, eligible entities are required to turn to their insurance provider(s) and other possible funding sources (e.g. State grants) for further assistance. Cost indexing and claim submittals becomes more complex with each source, requiring unique and specific documentation submissions in order to prove a loss and then ultimately to release funds for reimbursement.

A loss where there are available funds to support a recovery via insurance, FEMA, and other funding agents, requires a comprehensive claim strategy, timeline and most importantly, details to effectuate a positive and quick resolution. Without a dedicated team leading the documentation and presentation effort in a collective manner and with deep knowledge and experience with the interplay of insurance  and FEMA (and other funding agents), a recovery effort will likely encounter material differences in scope, pricing and expectation, which could yield to reimbursement delays or a shortage of funds.

At Procor, we have the experience and technological support to coordinate and manage the recovery process. Procor’s team and professionals from our strategic relationships collaborate with all the interested parties, as well as insurance providers, FEMA representatives and other funding agents, to identify eligible reimbursable costs, document and support each component of loss, and effectively streamline the submittal process. We have assisted in the presentation and recovery of more than $1 Billion in public funding.  This combined with our insurance experience makes Procor a unique choice for public agencies facing the daunting recovery task following a disaster or catastrophe.

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Procor was engaged by one of the largest NYC public entities that experienced a major loss resulting from Hurricane Sandy. The Procor team supported the insurance claim preparation package of over $400 Million. In addition, our team supported the overall FEMA claim and associated grants management for $3 Billion in overall economic damages.

Procor was engaged by five large public hospitals that sustained damage during Super Storm Sandy and helped support their insurance claim preparation package of over $200 Million.

Procor created the Disaster Response Employee Assistance Program for large multinational corporation to offer insurance and FEMA guidance and assistance to its employees impacted by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, and Michael.

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