“The expert at anything was once a beginner.” ― Helen Hayes

Procor Solutions’ internship program was established in 2013 to provide students with the opportunity to learn from professionals “how to be professional.” Our interns work side-by-side with project leaders on important client engagements, using their analytical skills to assist clients. Our program also offers Procor the opportunity to evaluate the most talented students who may be interested in joining Procor upon completion of their education. But even if our interns move on to other companies following graduation, they are better prepared for professional life because of the valuable experience gained through a Procor internship.

Below, Mike Zingaro, Procor’s 2018 Summer Intern, shares a bit about his experience. We feel fortunate to have Mike onboard this summer and appreciated his contributions.

My internship experience at Procor Solutions + Consulting these past two summers has beyond exceeded my expectations as to what a summer internship entails. I was under the impression that as an intern my day would be filled with a lot of busy work and coffee runs, but that was never the case. Since the start of the internship I’ve had the opportunity to work hands on with many interesting projects, and with each project never being the same it is always a great chance to learn about the industry. I was given meaningful tasks on these projects, which presented great opportunities to develop my professional skills. Time management and the ability to meet deadlines are just some of the skills that naturally develop while working alongside the experienced professionals in the office. These important skills have translated from my internship to school, and other aspects of life. One of the other important aspects of being a Procor intern is that everyone is always willing to help you. The high level of communication within the company makes it easy for you to reach out for help when needed and presents plenty of chances for you to develop your skills. Being able to reach out so easily is something that really gives you the chance for personal growth in a business environment.

After returning to school last fall and talking about my experience with other classmates I realized how fortunate I was to have had the opportunity to be a Procor intern. Many of my classmates did not have the same opportunities to have real life, hands on experience with their internships the way that I had. In today’s competitive environment it is important to land a good internship as a college student. Developing your professional and personal skills will help to standout, and the best way to do so in my opinion is by seeking the opportunity for a hands on internship experience early on.