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Our team supports policyholders with a continuum of services that start before there is any loss, with risk assessments, disaster planning, and business interruption valuations so that the policyholder understands its exposures and is prepared to react to any event. After a loss, our team guides the policyholder through loss mitigation, develops and presents a complete claim, and helps our clients recover from the event as quickly as possible.

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Insurance Brokers

We understand the role of the broker as “quarterback” leading the relationship between the client and carrier, and continually striving to provide new solutions to help their customers’ bottom-line. We purposefully structured our group as a separate entity to allow all our broker colleagues the ability to utilize our service offerings. Our service delivery model allows you to “white label” the offerings as an enhancement to your risk services value proposition.

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 GRANT Managers

Our team is well-versed in supporting data analytics, segregation, and presentation of costs related to disasters or events where there is potential recovery through Federal, State, or Local Grants or other entities. Our forensic accountants and analysts ensure a professional and detailed package through the reimbursement process.

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We support litigation preparation or pending actions with our forensic accounting and large property loss experience. Our certified public accountants and business consultants have the knowledge to assist in dispute resolution activities including appraisals and/or mediation.  Why do Attorneys need Forensic Accountants? Read more>

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Risk Managers

Resilient businesses embrace a broader perspective of property and business interruption risk, one that examines threats not only to their operations and financial performance but also to brand and reputation. Our pre-loss approach helps clients solve issues that are important to them and recognize risks or realities they may not be thinking about that could materially impact their business.


Foster a collaborative relationship with one of our professionals to help ensure the future of your business is secure.


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