Wednesday, June 30, 2-3 pm ET

Joseph Mascali, Vice President and West Coast Team Leader, will be presenting Higher Education Takeaways from the Pandemic Insurance Wars to URMIA members on June 30, 2021.

Joseph Mascali, Vice President Risk Management, West Coast Leader

URMIA Description: The pandemic has been described by some as a “gray rhino” event, a highly probable but neglected threat that can have an enormous impact. This highly interactive session explores the state of play following the more than 1,600 filings and 360 decisions in pandemic insurance disputes.  With a focus on high-level takeaways and lessons for the future of risk management, this session focuses on three concepts: relationships, government intervention (including HEERF and the CARES Act), and alternative dispute resolution.

Gail Ford, ARM,  Executive Director Risk Management, with the University of Southern California
Joseph Mascali Vice President, Procor Solutions + Consulting
Peter A. Halprin, FCIArb, FAiADR, Partner, Pasich LLP

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