​​Procor Solutions Co-Founder, Frank Russo was recently featured in the Spring 2019 issue of The Journal of Business Continuity & Emergency Planning.

The article serves as a guide to how disaster recovery costs after a loss can potentially be reimbursed through the insurance claim process and highlights how disaster preparation and response are viewed through the lens of risk management and insurance claims recovery. Many organizations have both business continuity and risk management departments that, by and large, work independently. Following a significant business loss, however, such a siloed approach can leave many uncovered costs miscategorized as recoverable or, worse completely miss an opportunity to recover claimable costs through the insurance claims recovery process. 

The implementation phase of business continuity processes and plans must include a component that considers how the mitigation spend will be potentially recovered or recouped through the insurance claims process. This key component should be analyzed and described in coordination between business continuity and risk management. The goal of more continued cross-functional dialogue among business continuity and risk management professionals is the key to complete financial recovery and insurance claim reimbursement.

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