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Too often, organizations try a “one-size” fits-all approach to managing risks and planning for disasters. Procor’s philosophy is different but simple - we believe in asking the right questions, listening attentively, and providing customized solutions for each client.

Procor professionals and our strategic partners have worked extensively in the insurance industry and most hold advanced degrees and professional certifications. Our team has worked with organizations around the globe, managing many of the world’s largest and most complex disasters and property/business interruption recoveries. We bring that knowledge and experience to support our client’s long-term objectives of managing and planning intelligently for “what’s next.”


“The team at Procor helped us manage a very complex $100M Hurricane Sandy project with insurance claim and FEMA components.

Our customer had asked for very detailed accounting of the project costs including costs associated with multiple layers of subcontractors. The Procor team was very professional in both the presentation of the financial information and their contact with our customer. They took the lead on many of the conference calls and were able to communicate certain limitations that we were encountering. I especially appreciated their leadership in this area and their ability to guide and manage the project.

Their knowledge of our customer’s requirements enabled them to deliver a very credible audit that ultimately satisfied both the 3rd party audit firm and the client who was reimbursed every dollar. We were very pleased with the work they did for us.”

– CFO, National Construction Firm.

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