Are You Covered? With states revamping the time permitted to file Childhood Sex Abuse Claims, institutions implicated need to know their coverage rights

State legislatures are focused on childhood sexual abuse claims. New Jersey and New York, for example, recently expanded the time to file civil suits and offered a “lookback window” within which already-time barred cases can be revived. Institutions responsible for supervision, training, and reporting need to understand their insurance coverage for suits likely to follow. Join our expert panel for a discussion of the coverage and claim management issues implicated by these suits, including:

  • Trigger of Coverage
  • Number of Occurrences (Multiple Victims/Abuse Over Extended Periods)
  • Applicability of Intentional Act Exclusions
  • Scope of Sexual Molestation Exclusions
  • Prior Related Claims/Relation Back Issues
  • Implication of Non-Cumulation Clauses
  • Allocation Methodologies

Listen to the full Webinar below.