As a member of the Brown & Brown family, we support the role of our Broker teammates who sell the customer experience as part of every insurance product.

Procor follows the steps below to create a positive customer experience:

1. Offer a point of differentiation in the marketplace. The barriers to entry have been removed and the broker and agent are no longer the gatekeepers to buying insurance. Insurance customers need a genuine, interactive experience that they cannot get anywhere else. Procor creates and enhances the customer experience – buying insurance is only part of the equation; effective claims resolution distinguishes intermediaries from true strategic partners.

2. Create a more positive, customized customer journey and experience. With pre-loss evaluations and planning, combined with post-loss expert claims and forensic support, Brown & Brown offers end-to-end services that are unmatched in our industry.

3. Increase customer retention by offering Procor’s specialized service offerings. Procor’s touchpoints become “sticky”; customers learn to rely and depend upon Brown & Brown for specialized services that they cannot get elsewhere.

4. Grow trust, customer loyalty, and word-of-mouth referrals. A customer’s greatest fear or pain point is that they may not be properly insured and that, when needed, their policy may not work for them. Procor is the added value customers need to recover loss with a speedy, fair claims settlement and demonstrate the full impact of a Brown & Brown relationship.

History tells us that it cost six to seven times more to acquire a new customer than it would be to retain an existing one. Not only is retention cheaper than acquisition, but it also has a very high return on investment (ROI). Research shows that you can increase your profits anywhere from 25-95% just by increasing your retention rates by 5%. Read more.

Procor Marketing Materials for B&B Teammates

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Property Damage Assessment

Procor Solutions has the resources to accurately quantify values of property damage for insurance purposes. Procor professionals recognize hard and soft construction costs, factor customary regional pricing and report the appropriate estimated insurable values. If requested, Procor can lend its valuation experience to identifying the insurable values for contents, mechanicals and equipment.

Technology Offering

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Case Study

A property loss can cause an interruption in business operations, which can impact a company’s income (oftentimes much more than ever imagined). A property insurance policy for a business should always include “claims prep fees” or “professional fees” of at least $250,000. With this coverage, the insurance policy will reimburse the costs of professionals retained to prepare and present a claim. The insurance company will hire its own consultants and forensic accountant to calculate the claim. 

To ensure a fair and timely resolution insureds should do the same!

Brian Pilarski, Commercial Agent & Insurance Consultant, Brown & Brown Detroit

Insurance In Action:​

  • Brian Pilarski of B&B Detroit provided his customer with a policy that included $250,000 in claim prep fee coverage.
  • The client’s prior broker had $0 in the policy for past 15 years. ​
  • The customer sustained a property loss due to fire in February 2019.​
  • The Insurance Company’s Accounting Firm reported that $0 was owed to the customer for Business Interruption. ​
  • Through B&B Detroit, the Insured hired Procor Solutions to calculate the actual Business Interruption Loss of $57,500.​
  • Procor Solutions helped the Insured recover 100% of the BI Claim from the Insurance Company.​
  • 100% of Procor Claim Preparation fees were paid by the insurance company under their new policy.