Arnie Mascali, President of Procor Solutions + Consulting is scheduled to speak at the 2018 WIND Conference in Orlando Florida, January 15th - 19th. The Windstorm Insurance Network (WIND) is the only member association to bring together both defense and policyholder professionals to connect, learn, and engage on important topics in the property/windstorm insurance claims industry.

Mr. Mascali will be speaking on a panel with Kristine Elkind, MDD Forensic Accountants; Shannon O’Malley, Zelle LLP; Jonathan Held, JS Held; and Kenneth Ritter, Quantum Global Advisors.

The title of the session is Math or Myth: Calculating Actual Cash & Replacement Cost Values after a Windstorm.

There are many issues that arise in the context of measuring actual cash value and replacement cost. This course will address some of the more prevalent issues raised in property claims arising, including a practical discussion as to what constitutes a replacement of “like kind and quality.” The session will also address valuation of replacement cost and actual cash value issues from outside forces such as an area-wide catastrophe affect the cost of labor and material. This course also will address certain issues such as (obsolescence) raised when stock, as opposed to real property, is damaged and submitted as part of the windstorm claim. We will briefly discuss how the application of a policy’s coinsurance provision may be affected by the valuation of the loss at either an actual cash value or replacement cost basis.