Hurricane season is June 1st through November 30th. Frank Russo EVP of Procor Solutions + Consulting, a risk-and-disaster management and insurance firm shares 5 questions businesses need to answers so that they are prepared for a hurricane event.

An organization must have the ability to quickly implement mitigation plans after a loss, with the goal being to resume normal operations. This process should be fluid and provide flexibility and innovation to identify risks by location, prepare response strategies, organize critical resources and address evacuations and restoration processes.

1. What are the greatest risks by location, and what do we do for each?

2. What are the business-continuity plans by location, including alternate sites?

3. In the event of loss, who is the team, internal and external, that will help me recover at this location?

4. When we need to prove damages, how do we account for key equipment and contents and keep track of warranty and maintenance records?

5. Where can we manage key emergency documents for the location, including evacuation procedures?

Excerpt from ”When Disaster Strikes” May 2015 By Joanne Draus Klein