Procor Solutions + Consulting is headquartered in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn, New York

DUMBO, Brooklyn is the home of creators and innovators, including 500+ technology and creative companies. It is our home too!

In 2018 we outgrew our space in Times Square, NYC and Princeton, NJ and consolidated our teams with a move to the DUMBO section of  Brooklyn, New York. Our new space has been designed to foster a collaborative environment that suits our corporate culture and lean organizational structure to create maximum value using the fewest resources possible. We believe that our new open space concept and relocation to the heart of the “Tech Triangle” in Dumbo will give us the environment we need to take Procor to the next level.

Dear Valued Client,

When we created Procor more than 5 years ago, we had a simple, uncompromising mission: to help our clients become more resilient to catastrophes, disasters, and business interruption in any form. Five years later, we can say with certainty that we are living our mission each day by assisting our clients’ response and recovery from events such as Super Storm Sandy, wildfires and mudslides in California, fires and explosions at manufacturing facilities, and most recently, the terrible and tragic 2017 Hurricane season. Our clients have trusted us with billions of dollars, and perhaps more importantly, engaged us to ensure the continuation of their own mission.

Thanks to you, Procor has become an industry leader. Thanks to the trust you placed in us, we have been able to expand our resources and expertise across the country. Thanks to your confidence in our abilities, we have added to our talented team with experienced, industry veterans and fresh-thinking, innovative newcomers. And because of you, we are ready to expand even further – new teammates, new technology, and now a new home office.

It is with great pride and gratitude that we announce the opening of Procor’s new headquarters in Brooklyn, New York this Fall 2018. By relocating our team to the DUMBO section of Brooklyn we bring our resources and expertise together under one roof to provide an even better, more efficient way to serve you. This new location also allows us to tap into one of the country’s hottest tech start up markets, bringing smart people, cutting edge technology, and innovative solutions to you.

We are excited about the future and look forward to sharing more about our advanced service offerings with you. Thanks to You!

Arnie Mascali, President and Frank Russo, EVP


DUMBO is short for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.  It is a neighborhood in the New York City borough or Brooklyn. It encompasses two sections: one located between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, which connect Brooklyn to Manhattan across the East River, and another that continues east from the Manhattan Bridge to the Vinegar Hill area.

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